CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Surveys

When you need a CCTV Drain Survey it is important to choose a certified contractor.

The NADE has certified members across the UK and Ireland.
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So what should you expect from a CCTV Drainage Survey ?

In most cases the drain will require high pressure jetting to clean the drain prior to surveying, this ensures that the footage, photographs and report will be of the highest quality. A typical home buyers CCTV drain survey on a standard 3 bedroom home will take about three hours, the first hour to clean the drainage system and the remaining two hours to carryout the survey. When booking a survey always be sure that you have been quoted for jetting as well as surveying.

Commercial surveys will take longer depending on the size of the building. Drain survey reports also vary from one contractor to another, some employ bespoke CCTV drain survey reporting software such as Viewline or WinCan, others prefer a variety of diffrent methods of reporting.

The purpose of the CCTV drain surveys is to provide information of the condition of the pipework, very important when defective drains are responsible for up to 40% of subsidence cases.

You can find a NADE contractor in the directory on the front page of this site, the drop down box will list your area and within it you will find a list of contractors.